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This is a Step-by-Step Guide. This will help you:
* Structure how you tell your story, it includes a sample of Chef Juls’ relatable entreprenuerial story
* Plan by documenting all your needs.
* Demonstrate the lifetime value of your business even if you’re not yet at the point of profitability.
It has ready-made templates that will help you capture your historical financial data, set up all cost requirement and other numeric metric required to understand your business and prepare you to meet ready-investor, just like it helped Chef Juls gain investors into her business.

SYBT: Process Creator- How To Make Your Staff Productive
By Bourffe Bakeries Ltd
Do you find yourself doing everything at work? While this is not a fun experience, this process organizer helps you:
* simplify work processes and assigns tasks
* Create a standard graphic structure of your operations
* Create positions and job descriptions
* it sets performance indicators and helps you pay your staff based on productivity and not on random activities.
This is a breakthrough way of managing staff performance. It is very easy to use by a baker or anyone in the food production industry.

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